Osservatorio Regionale per l'Università e per il Diritto allo studio universitario

Osservatorio Regionale per l'Università e per il Diritto allo studio universitario
Thursday, September 29th, 2022




Università degli Studi di Torino
Exemption from university fees

The Università degli Studi di Torino offers total exemption from fees and contributions to students:

  • who is not enrolled at the 1st year and receives or are entitled to EDISU grants;
  • with a disability of 66% or over;
  • who have a recognised refugee status or who is under protection;
  • foreign students who receive a grant from the Italian Government;
  • students enrolled at Scuola di Studi Superiori or at Scuola MF/PhD;
  • participants in the AGON projects or in general in other projects for which the exemption is offered.

Students with a recognised disability of between 50% and 65% and students imprisoned in Circondariale "Le Vallette" will be inserted in the lowest fee bracket, and will therefore not pay the second instalment.

For further information, please consult Regulations on fees and contributions and this webpage of the University.

Taking a break from your academic career

Students who interrupt their studies to perform with the year of military or civil service, or for a year after the birth of each child (female students only) or because of a certified prolonged illness, are entitled to exemptions from fees and contributions, but have to pay a fixed fee of 250 € for each missed academic year; during this period they cannot advance academically.
Equally, students who resume their studies after a break of at least two years, during which they have not been enrolled, will have to pay a fixed fee of 250 € for each missed academic year.

Part-time work at the university

Every year the University assigns, by calls for application, part-time employment contracts, i.e. a part-time administrative work on campus up to a maximum of 200 hours.

Grants for foreign exchange programmes

Students enrolled at University of Turin can go abroad to study with a mobility program. Students on Erasmus+ mobility for study in European countries receive:

  • a monthly grant from the European Union, the amount depends on the country the student is planning to study (it varies from 230€ to 280€);
  • a university grant for students with ISEE (Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator)<20,000€; the amount of this grant varies from 320€ to 370€ depending on the country of destination; if ISEE varies from 20,000 to 30,000, students get a grant of 200€ per month.

Moreover, students who go abroad with Erasmus+ program can get a one-time grant of 300€ from University.

For other types of mobility, the University provides specific funding.


The University of Turin promotes grants and study awards, which are both managed by the University and offered by external public and private groups and companies. Grants are assigned to students for doing some research activities, while a scholarship is a reward for excellence in college studies, particularly innovative thesis projects. Application packs are published on the following pages (Italian version only):

Other initiatives